Montsec American Monument
Montsec American Monument
Private Tours of the First World War American Battlefields
Private Tours of the First World War American Battlefields 

Verdun 1916, the 1918 Meuse-Argonne offensive...

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The 1916 battle of Verdun ('the hell of Verdun") is considered to be the greatest and lenghiest in world history: the total casualty figure for the entire war in the Verdun sector approaches 1.25 million dead, wounded and missing.


The impressive French cemetery at Douaumont and the ossuary contains the remains of 130.000 unidentified combattants from both nations. Situated in the forest labelled "Zone Rouge" (Red Zone) where the ground is still littered with so many bodies and unexploded shells, it is certainly one of the most sacred place in France. Nearby is the new (and excellent) museum "memorial de Verdun", beside to the detroyed village of Fleury-devant-Douaumont. Today the silent witnesses of battle are the numerous fortifications, bunkers and pillboxes in the forest of Verdun: Fort de Vaux, Douaumont, ouvrage de Froideterre....

The "ouvrage de Froideterre" near Verdun

The 1918 Meuse-Argonne offensive was a joint operation (American and French) in the Meuse with the objective of reaching the rail centre of Sedan. The americans faced the most difficult natural obstacle: the dense Argonne forest. On September 26, 8 U.S divisions attacked, followed by many others in the following weeks:  More than a million Americans participated in the battle, but the A.E.F.'s casualties were very heavy, it was the deadliest battle in American history.

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: Travel in a toprange minivan Mercedes V-Class

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